Intrusive Accountability

Christians have grown accustomed to the idea of accountability, and not in a good way. We’re used to hearing the term and filing it in the “things we should be doing” section of our brain archives. Not top of the list. Definitely not something that most of us are actively seeking out.

If what comes to mind when you think of accountability is awkward conversations with people you don’t know that well, you’ve got it wrong. If you’ve been randomly matched with a mentor who doesn’t seem truly invested in you, you’ve got it wrong. And if your conversations go something like, “Ummmm, so how are you doing with… stuff?”

You’ve got it wrong.

I’m familiar with the topic because I’m a recovering porn addict. I was introduced to pornography at the age of 8 and it was 10 years later when I finally surrendered to God and confessed my sin. He has spent another decade transforming my mind through the Holy Spirit’s power and teaching me to see sin the way He does.

When I talk accountability I like to tack on the word “intrusive,” because it always gives people pause. Intrusive isn’t a pretty word, but then again, sin isn’t a pretty thing. True accountability’s purpose is to help us combat the sinful habits and temptations that we allow to build up in our hearts. Your sin nature is ugly and powerful. It will take more than awkward half-hearted accountability to root it out.

Intrusive accountability should thwart your tendency to isolate yourself and justify sin. It should push you to complete the goals you set for yourself. It should be a consistent presence in your life, giving you a hug or a kick in the pants, whichever you need at the moment.

Intrusive accountability is all-up-in-your-business accountability.

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