How to be Inspired by The Word of God

Sin is a sneaky beast, and it creeps in so naturally that we don't notice unless we are vigilant. (4).png

A foundational practice in Christianity is to read the Bible every day.  Over the years people push that habit in different ways; writing devotional thoughts to help digest scripture, reading plans to guide us through topics or books, different translations to flesh out what the original text might have been saying.  

And yet, it’s common for us to struggle.  I think that daily devotions are an area that it is easy to see the realities of spiritual warfare, because why on earth is it so difficult to incorporate a few minutes of prayerful reading into our day?

Paul writes that all scripture is God-breathed, and that the word of God is living and active.  This book that we take for granted so often is not like the others on our shelves.  It is a powerful tool that God uses to touch and shape and change our hearts.

So why doesn’t it always seem that way?

The secret to consistently finding that hunger and thirst for the word.. is to feed it to yourself regularly.  There is no shortcut or loophole.  If you want to be a faithful follower of Christ, you need to faithfully follow him every day.

Not to say that God doesn’t speak through his word when you’ve been going through a dry spell.  And not to say that God doesn’t answer people’s prayer for comfort or insight when they pop and point, using the Bible like a quote book or a Magic 8 ball.

But a solid relationship with your Savior isn’t built on ignoring his word.  When you go through the motions of the daily discipline it takes to be consistent in the Bible, you will find your heart changing, you will feel the Spirit moving, you will have those inspired moments of clarity.

I have always found that when I am disciplined to spend time in God’s word every day, I can immediately see the fruit of the Spirit in my life, and over time I see the strengthening of my resolve against the flesh and my growth toward maturity in Christ.  Those are all things that I want in a back-of-my-mind kind of way when I’m spending my time on other things.

Reading junky novels has become a huge problem for me.  I got in the habit of reading on my phone when I was nursing my newborn, and over the months and years I found myself craving that escape from reality.  I kept telling myself I would change the habit, but I’m the queen of pushing those convicting thoughts to the corner of my mind.

So yesterday my mentor gave me a huge box of books by great theologians.  And today I deleted all of my book apps from my phone.  I’m making real changes and deliberately filling my mind with meat and potatoes instead of marshmallow fluff.

Join me, friends!  We may live in a world where people are happy to work 9-5 and then catch up on the latest TV shows, but we were called to be vigilant warriors for God, trained and ready to give an answer for the hope we have in our hearts.

You know that thing the Holy Spirit is prompting you to do right now?  Get off of Facebook and hop to it.

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