Faith Shines Best in the Winter

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At our old apartment I never looked out the windows. All four sides of the house faced either other houses or a garage or the road, and even though you could see farmland beyond, I never really looked.

Since moving to our little house in the country, my heart has been so full of joy and peace every time I glance outside. 

Right now it isn’t the exciting growth of spring, or the slow burn of summer, or the beautiful turn of autumn. Out my window is a cold dead barren winter. But I’m going to let you in on a secret.

Faith shines best in the winter.

When you cling to what God has promised, even though there’s no sign or assurance that he’ll ever fulfill it. When you obey despite pain and danger and hardship. When you don’t understand and yet your hope remains unshaken. When you study and pray and cry out for answers. That is when faith stands out, its simple beauty and resilience glowing against the snow.

It’s easy to trust when spring starts to bloom. But show me your faith in the blizzard. That’s what I want to see.

Beth NyhartComment